These days, many consumers are using the Internet for practically everything, especially for searching and purchasing products or services. With thousands of sites being added to the Internet every day, however, it can be difficult to keep track of the useful and relevant websites out there. Think of your business as a grain of sand among the billions of sand particles on the beach. Shouldn’t you find ways to make your business stand out? This is why it’s important for individuals, web developers, small-business owners, and corporations to put in a lot of thought and consideration when choosing their domain names. If you are planning to launch a website and you want to get maximum exposure and turnover, then you should definitely consider getting a generic domain.

What are generic domains, you might ask? And why should you choose a generic name over a specific, non-generic name?

Generic Domain = Better Recall

Employing the most basic terms, a generic domain is a website address that uses generic but popular keywords. For example, a company that issues credit cards might choose the name “” or an online art supply shop may use the generic name “”. In other words, a generic domain name makes use of common words that are often used by consumers when searching for specific products and services. A generic domain name works similarly as phone numbers that make use of words, such as 1-800-FLOWERS (1-800-3569377), in the sense that these contact numbers make the site address easier to remember and easier to navigate to. Let’s face it, easy recall and easy navigation are key factors to getting your site noticed and known among consumers.

Generic Domain = Increased Web Traffic

The first and most obvious reason for choosing a generic domain is because it is easy to remember and recall. It can be difficult to remember brand names or non-generic domains, but when you have a simple domain, say,, consumers will more likely remember your website address. Furthermore, generic domains are easier to type into the browser address bar, making it more convenient for consumers who want to navigate directly to your website. Instead of having to type in “”, a consumer looking to purchase your products or make use of your services will just have to type “” or “”.

Research also shows that, on average, generic domains have a higher rate of turnover in comparison with websites that use non-generic domains. This is due to the fact that the address is easy to type in, easy to find on search engines, and easy to remember. For these same reasons, you are also likely to get a higher number of clicks in general, thereby increasing traffic and improving your chances for success. Finally, a generic domain name will help you stay ahead of the competition, because you are using a name that relates to the actual services and products that both you and your competition are trying to market.

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